Wolf Manor
Look at it BURN!


The Spoonfield Estate

Given by

Lord Spoonfield III


Room in Spoonfield Manor

Leads to

The Brothers Spoonfield

Back again?Edit

"Ah, salutations good sir, you did a marvelous deed that day. The Scientists have knocked together this contraption for your use, they call it the 'Tea Flamer', and may explain where my tea reserves have been going, hmm? Anyway, I have a matter that requires your... 'Unique' skills in explosives."

The PlanEdit

"They is a man out there, named 'Mr. Wolf', and it has come to my attention that he has put a price on the heads of me, you, Nitpicker and my guard, Billy Mays. Actually, I don't believe the two of you have met. Billy! Come here! Say hello to our friend, Billy." -Lord Spoonfield


"Yes, quite enough Billy. Back to the matter at hand. I need you to stop this buffoon before he tries anything. Nitpicker and a few of the Techies have developed a new weapon, he calls it the 'Dogmeat Laser'. I have no-idea what it is, but he seems quite excited about it. In short, I need you to burn Wolf Manor to the ground, scorched earth. But it must look like an accident, you hear me?" -Lord Spoonfield

Mr. WolfEdit

"I've compiled some specs on the bastard. He's a werewolf, a half-man, half-wolf hybrid. That means his mom got frisky with a dog. Werewolfs are usually man, but become beasts under the light of a full moon. Luckily for us, they have plenty of weaknesses. On the human side is the uncontrollable lust for bacon, and on the dog side, mailmen. Myths from before suggest they have a weakness to silver, a soft, valuable metal that has likely not survived the war."

"I'm pursuing leads into silver now, but you'll need a distraction... Mr. Spoonfield?" -Nitpicker

"I authorize the use of the 'Dogmeat Laser' if that's what you mean, Nitpicker." -Lord Spoonfield

"What? Oh, that thing. No, I mean "The Mailman"." -Nitpicker

"Are you sure, you do remember what happened last time..." -Lord Spoonfield

"Dangerous times call for desperate measures. Very desperate, in this case." -Nitpicker

"Yes, indeed. Why are you still here, boy? Don't you have a Manor to torch?" -Lord Spoonfield

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