Bad Meat is an unmarked quest in Fallout Eleventy.You start this quest by talking to R.M. Jenkins in the Pizza Store.

Bad Meat


Pizza Store

Given by

R.M. Jenkins


175 good or evil karma
Malpractice perk or the pizza cutter

Walkthrough Edit

To start this quest you must speak to R.M. Jenkins about his pizzeria and ask for some pizza.After doing this he will go outside and into the butcher shop next door for some meat for the pizza.The door will be locked,but after he comes back out he will drop the keys next to the door by accident.You must wait for him to return to the pizza store before going into the butcher shop or he will catch you and force you to fight him.This will make it impossible to get Malpractice perk if you were going for the evil ending to the quest.Inside the butcher shop are humans that have been cut open like in an autopsy with their organs removed.After this you can go to R.M. Jenkins and talk to him about this.You can choose to kill him or help him get more organs for his pizzas.Killing him with give you 175 good karma and if you loot his body you get the novelty weapon pizza cutter.If you choose to help him get more organs for the pizzas,you will get 175 evil karma and the Malpractice perk.The perk allows you to harvest organs from any humans you kill and sell them to Jenkins for 30 caps each.

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