Bloodripping Revelations is the second quest in Mr Wolf's Storyline.


"Ah yes,your back,please excuse Pyro's attitude, he's in a bit of a hot(Har De Har) situation,but anyway, well done on getting that cookie,but i have an urgent matter that needs your assistance,follow me"-Mr Wolf

The PC follows wolf to a DeBriefing room

"Some smugglers have attacked a few camps under my protection at these marked locations"-Mr Wolf

Wolf points to a map with 4 glowing red dots

"Take out the smugglers at these locations.Oh and here is your payment."- Mr Wolf

Mr Wolf hands the PC £500 and a 9mm Pistol


Go to the first campEdit

It's just down the hill leading to wolf manor,so go there and keep an eye out,the area around Wolf manor spawns random creatures.

Secure the first campEdit

There are 6 smugglers fighting Wolf Trainee's,the Trainee's will surely die fat,so kill the smugglers and head to the second camp

Secure the second campEdit

After arriving at the second camp,you see some heavily armed smugglers fighting Wolf Soldier's, stay back and use the 9mm Pistol you obtained to kill the soldiers then head to the third camp.

Secure the third campEdit

More Smugglers here,dispatch them quickly,too trigger the boss fight

Kill the Luki Assault MechEdit

Your fight the Luki Assault Mech here,it has 750 Hit points and two built in minigun's,and an eye laser,your best tactic is to let Wolf's Soldier distract it,then take the strongest fast-firing weapon you have and shoot it's energy circuit at the back.

Do this a couple of times and the LAM will die,loot it's corpse for a unique Laser Rifle and 200 Energy cells,microfusion cells and 500 Electron Charge Packs.Talk to the soldier to get a Vertibird ride back to wolf manor and finish the quest.

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