Bunker 44 is a Pulowski Preservation Bunker, and is part of the New Bailey experiment.


As each Bunker had it's own variation, this vault was no different. Bunker 44 was built with a massive greenhouse installed provided with plants of a mind-altering nature & an extended pharmaceutical storeroom. These features were intended to get the inhabitants of Bunker 44 higher than Zip on Ultrajet, to see if society could function under such conditions. Unfortunately, a malfunction in the Bunker 44 door prevented it from opening after the standard 25 years.


In the year 2154, an operation by the Brotherhood of Steel Outcasts to open all the Pulowski Preservation Bunkers was initiated, Bunker 44 being the first to be opened. Inside the Outcasts found an impossibly perfect society, where good feeling flourished. The Outcasts allowed Bunker 44's inhabitants to enter the wasteland, where they formed the unimaginatively named settlement New 44. New 44 quickly expanded to become a city as wastelanders flocked to the coca farms & amphetamine distilleries. As New 44 expanded steadily, peace was established between the Enclave & the Brotherhood, & eventually the Super Mutants. At New 44's peak, the Capital Wasteland had been going 3 months without a conflict between any two sentient beings.

Fall of New 44Edit

After New 44 had expanded to fill the entirety of its state, with branches extending all over America including San 44 & Las 44, Robo-Reagan ordered an assault on the very heart of the 44 legion: New 44's ludicrous bong trade. An army of giant robots was created & ordered to destroy everything within a 10-kilometre radius of any bongs the army found. With all bongs destroyed, the production of methamphetamine skyrocketed in New 44, forming a gargantuan cloud of flammable gas over New 44. At one point the only remaining bong in New 44 was lit as part of a protest against the ban, sending an inferno through New 44. For days the coca farms burnt, seen as a bright orange splash from Robo-Reagan's personal Vertbird. With their mother country gone, New 44's colonies quickly dried up, & fighting between the Super Mutants & humans returned. The Enclave split off from the Brotherhood, & the Capital Wasteland returned to its state before the operation by the Brother of Steel Outcasts.


The only two remaining robots of Robo-Reagan's army are no longer under Robo-Reagan's control. Liberty Prime is under control of the Brotherhood of Steel, where as the other, designated Optimus Tetra, was stolen by renegade trolls before the destruction of New 44.

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