Ghetto Blaster
Butcher Pete's Ghetto Blaster


Stun, Paralyze, Hypnotize, Kill, Sonic Boom, or Jam



Ammo Type




Crit. Mult.



Galaxy News Radio UK


The Spirit of Radio

The Ghetto Blaster is a multi-purpose weapon modified using parts of the DeLorean's stereo system and other Energy Weapons. It belongs to Butcher Pete, but is a reward to the player for the Spirit of Radio quest. The device is powered by Microfusion Cells.



The stun option allows for the user to subdue the target at extremely close range for 10 seconds, using a taser like mechanism. This is just enough time to get one or two easy shots on a difficult enemy before it comes to. This setting uses the least amount of cells and AP.


The paralyze option allows for the user to subdue the target for 24 hours from a long range by emitting a soundwave frequency intolerable to most living organisms. This long term unconsciousness is good for looting, kidnapping, or temporarily getting rid of a character that the player wants to live, but is causing a problem. The target can be taken out of comatose by using the paralyze setting on the victim again.


The hypnotize option allows for the user to control the target's mind. Many choices follow, including turning a hostile creature or NPC into a friendly one, easy stealing from merchants, or as a mesmetron-like device.


This is the most simple option, causing an insta-kill 95% of the time at the expense of all AP if used in VATS.

Sonic BoomEdit

This option drains 10 microfusion cells and all AP by turning the volume to eleven, creating a sonic boom that has four times the power of the blast of the Nuclear Anomaly perk from Broken Steel.


This option allows the user to listen to any songs amassed throughout the game, and comes pre-loaded with Der Kommissar and Galaxy News Radio UK's playlist.

Theme SongEdit

thumb|300px|right|This is the Ghetto Blaster's theme/instructional video.

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