Lamprey 2

A Giant Lamprey

The Giant Lamprey is a hostile creature exclusive to The D (Add On).


Pre-War, Lampreys were an intrusive, non-native species brought to the Great Lakes by cargo ships from the Pacific. As all foreign organisms behave in new ecosystems, Lampreys comsumed everything in it's path, attaching violently to marine life and leaving a distinctive circular chunk missing from all of it's prey. After the bombs dropped, Lampreys increase in size, going from a few feet long to three times that size; about 12 feet in all!

Style of AttackEdit

Lampreys lurk in most bodies of water, submerged until they sense that a victim is within range of their watery home. They arc and lunge out at the victim. If the player encounters one in mid-arc, they can kill the Giant Lamprey with quick reflexes and a few shots. However, if the player is too slow, they will be sucked and restrained in by it's mouth, and will lose health until the player either dies or drops an Exposives weapon down it's mouth, killing the Giant Lamprey.


Giant Lampreys can be found in the Irradiated Lakes of The Wilderness and in Sector 12 of The Grid. They are also found in the SEGOM system and Fresh Water Reservoir in the city, but only in the quest It Came From Beneath the Sink!.

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