Initial Encounter is a side quest in Fallout Eleventy.

Getting the Quest Edit

This quest can only be acquired after finishing Lord Spoonfields main quest line. Nitpicker will contact you three days after you (seemingly) killed Mr. Wolf, and assign you to find out what became of The Dude. He will provide you with the holotape The Name Must Live to help you accomplish this.

Objectives Edit

Listen to the holotape: Listening to the holotape will give you the option of asking Lord Spoonfield where The Dude's hideout is.

Find out what Lord Spoonfield knows: Weirdly enough, Spoonfield won't give you the answer to the question, claiming that "a simpleton like you does not need to know that". You can repel that argument with an Intelligence of 8 or higher, find the answer by winning a Speech Check, bribe Nitpicker (with £ 2000), or hack Lord Spoonfields private terminal (with a Science skill of 90).

Locating The Dude: After finding the information, this is simple; The Dude resides in what is left of the Victory Road Metro. Once you travel there, you will find that the entrance is barred. You can blow up the barricades by rigging up some explosives (this demands 60 in Explosive Skill) or go in the back door, which is guarded by several turrets, traps and on-off forcefields.

Confrontation: After fighting, sneaking or hacking through the tunnels, you will reach a huge, hollow space that appears to be a natural cave. The cave is filled with technology, ammunition and weapons, and in one corner, a man with one leg is sleeping heavily. As you wake him up, the quest ends, and A Legacy Lost will start.

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