The Iron Tiger Radio broadcast bunker, located underground beneath GNRUK, is a pirate radio station dedicated to broadcasting only music published between 1960-1979. Iron Tiger Radio makes full use of GNRUK's admittedly gigantic broadcast tower, transmitting a tiny signal beside the power-surge that is GNRUK's broadcast wavelength. Because of this, Iron Tiger Radio's signal is very weak, & drops out once the PC moves too far from the Radio Tower.


Iron Tiger Radio's DJ is an Artificial Intelligence who calls itself "Butch Cougar", its personality is patriotic to the point of xenophobic, stubborn & arrogant. When encountered by the PC, Butch Cougar requests help to boost its signal from the PC triggering the Politics in Radio... quest, with promise of a hefty reward. Refusal results in Butch Cougar activating the "Nuclear Eagle Program v1.1.6", releasing a airborne mutagen into the bunker's ventilation system & opening up a tunnel to the adjacent Venataur Caves. The Iron Tiger Radio Bunker will be flooded with Venataurs who will quickly mutate into Neovenataurs. If the PC manages to escape the Neovenataurs & exit the bunker, they will gain the Super-Predator Perk.

If the PC recovers Butch Cougar's override passcode from a random encounter or hacks into Butch Cougar's Master Control terminal (Hard), they can re-route half of Butch Cougar's power to Iron Tiger Radio's broadcast transformer, boosting the broadcast signal & significantly increasing Butch Cougar's suggestibility. If the passcode is used the Master Control terminal's difficulty will be reduced to Easy & from there the PC can choose to activate the "Nuclear Eagle Program v1.1.6", providing another way to obtain the Super-Predator perk, activate the "Anti-Communist Recon Self-Destruct Sequence v2.1" (Inadvisable), or the "Flying Scorpion Weapon Test Run v12", unlocking the unique Flying Scorpion weapon.

Butch Cougar will automatically switch itself over to its minimum-power setting, replacing its artificial personality with a basic human-access interface. Since Butch Cougar's data archives were collected by only that AI, the PC will not be able to access them.

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