Dihoranide Bicarbozate Monophosphaline is the most potent stimulant known to man-kind, composed of a mixture of pure caffeine, Gatorade & powdered wasabi peas. This cocktail is so chemically unstable it ignites on contact with air, but when injected into the human body increases the reaction time & muscle mass of the user so much that the benefactor appears to be traveling on a completely different plane of time.

There was a recorded incident of an overdose Pre-War where a man entering a marathon hooked himself up to an IV drip filled with DBM. The man survived long enough to begin the race, where his legs broke off after 30 seconds & 40km of sprinting. He then caught fire & skidded for another 5km before hitting a bus, which exploded, killing 4.

DBM can still be bought in the UK, known affectionately as "Jenny" by many.

In-game effectsEdit

Injecting Jenny increases the speeds The Outsider travels at, AP & Perception.

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