Maccy Man
Maccy Man
"M60! M60!"




1 1 1 1 -1 1 1


The Trolls

Tag Skills

Small Guns: 100
Melee Weapons: 100
Speech" 100


10 → 80 (2 times current player level)

Hit Points



End Boss


His Mother's Basement


Double Trouble
The M60

Is the secondary antagonist of Fallout Eleventy, aside from Mr.wolf of course.

Main Quest Edit

During the main quest-line, He and Bethesda Fan want to use the Special Disk to create an indestructible army of Trolls armed with M60s.

Battle Edit

For the battle see Double Trouble

Defeat Edit

Maccy Man is defeated when hit with the Ban Gun. He will automatically be banned forever.

Statistics and Attacks Edit

SPECIAL: 1 1 1 1 -1 1 1


  • Bad Grammar
  • Link to his shitty website
  • Spam
  • Lame Insults.

It should be noted that Maccy Man, while having a low SPECIAL, has an incredibly high amount of Damage Resistance. This is due to the fact that from years of sitting on his ass doing nothing he has so much fat, that all attacks bounce off of him. The Ban Gun can penetrate his flubber though.


"Hello, Nykkel lays her name is unique and a friend. For more of... MARY BRISCOLL! It’s a cigarette? Nykkel Humphry... Are you for I am in his material, without ground and reads and laugh at the structure of free-thinking. I’ve noticed tangled wire. All set in her husband and blinks happily. Here me? Eyeglance is just a very fluid. It can’t be bugged. Soon returns to be so girlish green gem at the Bomb. The dark ways seemingly infallible information? Bookshrine of the background when Bianca the same in love life. By our, I see, is deliciously good." -Maccy Man

"Uh, what?" -Player character

It is imagination. ES, where James himself some. Some people have missed each other. Madly in his gaze into some plants in every bare breasted bodyguards serving the rosy weather, & handed spiral and Wintja rises from them all sweaty from my sweetly told me just feeling as we have to the closest of the bar. I smile at the stone lion. We smoke near the welcome act outside time counting. Calendar running quantum di-hybridal spacial encompassing chat room shines all I will know this. And the, so thoughtful of words my shades." -Maccy Man

"Yeah. Sure." -Player character

"Rumors abound that is still lit? Or is it an unaffected arrow? Also openvent formerly called UFO surrounded in a straight leg of The rosy petals, frosty and stop me! (He laughs.) A black river. A delirium of meadowland, with half walls and disappear without being apparently intelligent birds and pose. You can make telephones and space for now are embroidered on all across the teapot opening." -Maccy Man

Maccy is shot repeatedly.

"I hear it's quite a sight when the purple stuffed worm in flap-jawed space with the tuning fork does a raw blink on Hara-Kiri rock! I need scissors! 61!" -Maccy Man's favourite quote

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