The New Bailey Logo. Notice how Old Bailey's scale has been readjusted for severe inequality, and she carries a Laser Rifle.

The New Bailey is a radical political group located in the post-war United Kingdom. They are lead by a special hovering Robobrain with Margaret Thatcher's brain. While articles on this wiki are supposed to have little to no bias, let us reassure you: THESE PEOPLE ARE BATSHIT INSANE, but surely you assumed this when you read Margaret Thatcher is in charge.


While the Great War obscures most history, it is suggested that the New Bailey started as early as Thatcher got into power in the mid-20th century, as a secret society to shrink and destroy human rights, freedom of the rebellious, future less youth, and those who were not royalty, rich, or overpowered by twisted morals. Their first act of power was breaking up the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and the Sex Pistols, which, in their free spirits would empower everyday people. Thatcher was voted by Monty Python as "Upper Class Twit of the Year", but in doing so, broke them up as well. Then Tony Blair was double-teamed by President Bush and secretly the New Bailey, and he got very sad and his hair turned gray and was replaced by Gordon Brown, and succeeded by a puppet of the New Bailey. This drove the UK's economy down into the ground, and slowly the world economy suffered until the Great War. All of the New Bailey survived using a Pulowski Preservation Bunker, specially modified actually work, rising from the ashes to cause a whole new brand of chaos in the wastes of the United Kingdom.


The New Bailey is coordinating their attacks, surveillance, and other operations from the unaffected pre-war principality of Sealand.While they may seem like the Enclave, they are more of a political cult, rather than a "legitimate" form of government, despite their origins. They are still one of the leading powers in the wastes, which takes little effort. Regardless, their technology is above-average, and their numbers are strong, and are very dangerous. They do not seek to restore the wastes in anyway, or lead wastelanders; their sick delusions drive them to deliver a twisted form of justice, many would see as the exact opposite of lawfulness by advancing evil-doers at the expense of the weak and innocent.


  • Ironically, the name of the New Bailey is derivative of the Old Bailey, which represents the center of Britain's judicial system, an ideal of which the New Bailey does the polar opposite.

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