8 4 10 2 5 5 7



Tag Skills

Big Guns: 90 → 100
Explosives: 100
Melee Weapons: 80 → 100



Hit Points

500 → 600


Ass-kicking Merc


at Mr Wolfs side

Pyro, alias Torcher of the Wastes, is a merc working for Mr Wolf. A devoted pyromaniac, he really likes burning things, burning people, burning air, burning rubber, and corn beef sandwiches. His origins are unknown, but rumors abound that he is in fact the result of a scientific experiment that melded the sperm of Chuck Norris, Bruce Lee, Jet Li, Jackie Chan, and Jesus. The sperm was then used to impregnate four different women. The resulting offspring were then forced to fight to the death, using a mixture of martial arts and homemade weapons, such as pipe bomb launchers made with bobby pins and aquariums, and chemical laser rifles powered by Oxi-Clean. He is Russian

Previous Work Edit

It has been recently discovered that Pyro used to work for the Communist-Fascist Leader known as Xandus. He had served the Imperium Order for a number of years, and even took part during the Great Flame War.

You can get on his Good Side!

By either A:Making him laugh

B: Helping him get a girlfriend

or C: Bring him lots o' pictures of vore

By getting on his good side, he'll give you advice, and assistance when needed, and you won't have the risk of being reduced to ashes

During Fallout ELeventyEdit

During Fallout ELeventy,Pyro is one of Mr Wolf's Colonels,and spends most of his time tinkering with His Incinerator,he makes a small appearance during the main quest.However,he plays a major role in his own set of side-quests.


His work for Mr Wolf involves basic scouting and burning,but shortly after the players arrival in the UK,Pyro was assigned to take out a group of tribal swampfolk.When (and if) the player arrive at wolf manor,the player can opt. to help pyro with his work.


Pyro has the traditional Pyromaniac weapon,the incinerator,of course,his is modified a it.He usually carries The Eviscerator,an axe that has been modified to set the target alight upon contact,and Pyro's Shotgun,a unique DOuble-Barrel shotgun pre-modified with Flame ROunds,increased capacity and Laser Sight.

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