Revolution of a madman is the fifth quest in Mr Wolf's questline.


Player walks into wolf lounge

"Anyone here?"-Player

The roof breaks,and the Bone Hunter Elite appears.

"I have order's to kill you,maggot"-BHE


Defeat the Bone Hunter eliteEdit

The BHE is a formidable foe,having 1250 health,luckily he's not as tough as the previous boss fight,the best tactic here is to use a heavy weapon, like the bozar or a missile launcher,you should focus on his most powerful attacks,he has an element changing blade arm,it will either be fire(fire damage),electricity(Paralyzed) or earth (basic damage),or it could just be plain metal,anyway,when he lift's the blade into the air,stay away from him,otherwise you'll get fucking ass raped damaged severely.

After a while of fighting,focus all attacks on his chest,where his heart will be exposed,once he falls,wolf will come in and thank you for dealing with it,handing you £7500 and a Bozar.Apparently he was working on a project in the lab,and couldn't be bothered fighting the BHE.

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