Robo Mutants are a new breed of super mutant in Fallout Eleventy, and considered by many to be the "Tortured Souls" of the game.


Robo-Mutants are the result of a New Bailey experiment gone wrong, the robotic plating caused severe deformities within the body, mutating it beyond the FEV induced limit. They retain some humanity from before their mutation, & will sometimes run from battle as they remember parts of their past.

A Robo-Mutant will sometimes go beserk when they come to understand what they are, killing other all other living things in the area. They can often beg to be killed, & express remorse at the death of others.

In CombatEdit

Working, emotionless Robo-Mutants are deadly in combat. It is advised to shoot out there neural suppression chip, causing the mutant to go insane with realization of their situation.

Earlier Robo-Mutants are not so good at fighting, they will usually run away or give up very easily.

The Insane Robo-MutantEdit

In a Random Encounter,the PC can find an insane Robo-Mutant,who says things about everything,if the player has 8 Intelligence,they can get the Insane Robo-Mutant To follower them around.The Insane Robo-Mutant is rather useless,but can give predictions and long speeches,but he talks in a weird way.


"I have seen the darkness of the world and i have sin"

"My inner demon is arising,the sorrow of the world is falling"

"Nothing else matters"


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