Shamwow, AKA Sham Wow, is a product sold by Vince Offer. Claimed to be able to absorb anything, even radiation, the player uncovers the real secret behind the Shamwow sham.

Removes one rad.

"Who would buy this piece of crap?"


Aid Item


-1 Rads




0 (when selling it) 100 (when buying it from Vince)


Vince Offer, kitchens of dumb people, washing machines of gullible people

Locations Edit

Shamwow can be purchased from Vince Offer for 100 pounds. You can also find in the washing machines and kitchens of stupid, gullible people. When pickpocketed, some characters may carry Shamwow with them, which can be stolen.

Zorbeez Edit

After killing Vince, the player can give Shamwow to Billy Mays, who will turn it into the useful Zorbeez by combining it with his other products. For every Shamwow you give Billy Mays, he will give you a Zorbeez.

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