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The All-Powerful


Spence's Shack


Achy Breaky Heart, Helping Hand




Troll Hunter, Destroyer, Picture Finder

Background Edit

Spence grew up with two things, guns and games. He was very well educated and despises bad grammar. He will do anything to correct it and will kill anyone that does it with his gun. He started out with Spyro and Resident Evil. He then worked his way up to the Legendary Fallout games. One day he stumbled across an old Magnum Revolver and cleaned and upgraded it to make it ultra- powerful. He now hunts trolls with this gun and is an incredible marksman.

Info Edit

  • Spence is one of the troll hunters in Fallout Eleventy, he wields a powerful revolver called "The Handcannon".
  • He HATES bad grammar and will hunt you down and correct you if you're wrong.


Spence resides in Spence's Shack. Underneath it is Spence's Armory. He is usually playing with his companion Spence's Companion


Theres two ways Spence goes out. If the player sides with the troll's during Spence's last quest, he dies, making the gun possible to receive. If the player side's with Spence however he takes the trolls apart and gives the player his gun.

Gun Edit

For more information on his gun click here

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