Sub Atomic Ass Whoopin' Collider is the third quest in Mr Wolf's questline.


"Your back, thanks for saving the camp's,although the fourth one was un-needed,it was former trolls and new bailey soldiers anyway.Wait,whats that at the door."-Mr.Wolf

The door flies open

"Lulz im gun' pwn u n00b lulz"-Maccy troll

Mr Wolf kicks the troll in the vag-er, balls.

"Pawn this,rook'"-Mr.Wolf

With one swift movement,the troll hits his first erection,2 seconds before that erection gets shoved soo far up his arse he feels like a woman.

"Left,i mean right.Lets get down to business, there's a machine in the Bunker below this manor,go down there,fix it,then get up here."-Mr.Wolf


Find the bunkerEdit

Don't bother moving,your characters lazy ass fall's down 50 floors and lands nexts to the machine.

Fix the machineEdit

Hmm, try pressing the FIX button next to the machine.

Run like a bitch to the elevatorEdit

Do what the title says.

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