THIS!IS!SCOTLAND is the fourth quest in Mr Wolf's questline.


"Your previous task had quite a fall at the start but blame the developers,they made the game like this (grumble)"-Mr Wolf

"Anyway,my brother, Mr 75 is revolting,and attacking the manor,go out to the balcony and assist my lee-i mean elite squad"-Mr Wolf.


Go to the balcony....Edit

Which is on the door to the right of you.

Defend the manorEdit

Just shoot randomly at 75's soldiers,wait until 75 himself appears,and continue.

Defeat Mr 75 is hand to hand combatEdit

Being 1/4 wolf Mr 75 will (own your ass) be hard to beat,so get fighting,if your unarmed skill is high enough and you have 8+ agility and 8+ strength,you can unleash a barrage of powerful attacks,rinse and repeat,until mr 75 falls,he'll grow a claw,but mr wolf will shoot him in the throat from the balcony with a Wolf's Longshot,ending the mission

Talk to mr wolfEdit

Find him in the top floor,talk to him,he'll give you a monologue (Which will be added to the appropriate page) about his past,then award you with £5000 and a Dragunov SVD.

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