The D (Add On) is in progress DO NOT MESS WITH IT, and one of the first add-ons for Fallout Eleventy. This is the general information page about "The D", for the location, see The D.


In the never-ending search for music to play on GNRUK Butcher Pete sends the player to post-apocalyptic Detroit, known by most as "The D", to aquire the a gigantic cache of music from Hitsville USA. The player travels to Michigan using Bubsey Clownpants, but they are shot down mysteriously and wind up in the wilderness "miles" away from the city. They are encountered by nearly feral, native tribals who are trying to break in to Detroit, which is one of the most successful remaining cities (it is industrial like the Pitt but friendly and bright).

How Southeast Michigan roads were laid out during colonization centuries ago, it is set up like a grid. Now, the grid has been fortified by huge steel and concrete walls. Each layer holds some kind of creatures, people, or machines that act as defense systems that guard the structures, industrialists, and intellectuals of the city. Anyone is allowed in The D, but they must prove their worth by traversing this labyrinth. Regardless if the player wishes to let them in or keep them out, they must cross the grid.

Once they make it, the player is commended personally by the leader of The D, and is posed with the task of crushing the tribals’ assassination plot against the elite scientists and manufacturers of the city. The tribals are not oppressed rebels like the Pitt, they are uncivilized pirates who rape and pillage the hard-working minds of the D. The player can either stop the assassination plot for good karma, or follow through with it for bad karma. If the player is posed with resolving the city's problems, or bringing down a significant benchmark in post-apocalyptic civilization.

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