"Look....i don't know you so lets make this quick...i need a cookie...the forbidden cookie protected by the monks of the holy cookie monastery.Sound like a load of shit?Tough....go get me my cookie or ill fill you full of 2mm EC"-Mr.Wolf

"Oh sorry about'll be needing some equipment?Go see pyro in the out...pissing him off may turn you into a human cigarette"-Mr.Wolf

The PC Walks Down to the armoury

"Who the fuck are you?"-Pyro

"Don't make me kill you"-PC

Pyro Stares at the PC

"Hmph.............go ahead, make my day, or a sandwich instead, im hungry"-Pyro

"Right, wolfy said you had some stuff for me?"-PC

"No, Fuck Off"-Pyro


Go to the cookie churchEdit

Its only a 15 minute jog southwest from wolf manor,so go there.

Get the cookieEdit

When you arrive here,you will witness a bunch of Scottish Tribals fighting the cookie minks,just sneak past 'em and head into the church,where a Scottish tribal will execute a monk with an axe,kill the tribal,get the axe,and continue through the church.

Eventually,you will come to a basement door,enter, and kill the power to the church,it will go dark,but luckily there is a pair of Night Vision Goggles near the power switch,activate them and make your way to the top of the church,where the cookie vault will await,unfortunately a Scottish trial hierarch and the leader of the cookie monks will burst through a wall,and fight,and thus, you make your first big storyline decision,there is an automated turret terminal nearby, activate it,and your given to option to kill either the hierarch or the monk leader.

Once that is over,head into the vault,grab the cookie (and the double barrel shotgun next to it.) and your done.

Head back to wolf manorEdit

Incredibly simple,just use fast travel,talk to Mr Wolf and your done.

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