The Grid is the defense mechanism that separates the savagery of The Wilderness from the miraculous advances in technology and humanity of The D. Not only does it serve as a heavily-fortified retaining wall against the evils that lay in the distant, it acts as test to those who seek a fruitful life in the paradise of civility and reason. Those successful in navigating the labyrinth of hostile creatures and other creations of The D's scientists can join the ranks of the greatest post-apocalyptic society ever known.


During the colonization of Michigan territory, especially in Southeast Michigan, and in direct result of the Land Ordinance of 1785, land was divided up equally for personal property using intersecting East-West lines and North-South lines to create a grid system. To solidify the bounderies between property, roads were put in place of property lines, and existed up until the Great War. Shortly after, citizens attempting to live in the shelled-out buildings of Detroit were pestered non-stop by the monsters produced by the atomic bombs. As if these abominations weren't enough, riotous pirates from the Upper Peninusla, dubbed later as Yoopers, began to lay siege to the city for goods that had run out from their places of origin.

In 2287, after half a century of extortion, intimidation, and brutality against the citizens of The D, Woodward St. Clair, leader of the city's people, took a stand against the Yoopers, pushing them to present day 8 Mile, which is coincidentally the divide between Detroit and surrounding cities. For three months, St. Clair's forces held the Yoopers while the ingenious workers built a 20 foot high defensive wall out of concrete and old car parts on the road. With the Yoopers at bay, the citizens of the D could rebuild their city in peace. In just a few decades, similar walls are built inwards, towards the city on 7, 6, and 5 Mile roads, and their respective North-South roads. With this extreme amount of security, the imaginations of the citizens run wild, and progress skyrockets in the fields of technology, architecture, weaponry, post-apocalyptic biology, and industrialization. Because of this increase in production, the experiments on creatures and robotics took up too much room, and were stored in the hallways in between the walls. The maze can be traversed by the strong or the cunning. The D has looked and operated better than it’s Pre-War form.

Making It Through The GridEdit

The Grid can be broken down into fourteen stages formed at the intersections and parallels of the fortified walls of the Pre-War roads. A guide to The Grid can be found on the page for the quest Off the Grid.

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