For the hero of Fallout 3, see Lone Wanderer.

The Outsider is the Protagonist of Fallout: Eleventy.

The Outsider

The outsider aiming for a bogan


The Outsider was once a mercenary for Talon Company, until he was discharged for abandoning his team during a super mutant ambush. He was later found by Brotherhood Inquisitors and captured. Due to his military background, and status as a POW, he was deemed expendable and therefore sent to the UK.

During Fallout:EleventyEdit

When the vertibird The Outsider is on is shot down his companions are all killed. After wandering around for some time, The Outsider eventually stumbles upon a heated conflict between Spoonfield Mercenaries and Wolf Hybrids. Eventually choosing a side in the conflict, the victor spirits the Outsider to their respective leader.

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