To kill a fat man is the second-last quest in Mr. Wolf's story.


"Ah yes, your here at last,today we finish the long battle, Lord spoonfield is preparing to attack the manor as we speak,and he,his assistant nitpicker,and Billy Mays are leading the army,it's time we killed him,get ready and report back to me."-Mr wolf

After taking the necessary time to get the gear,wolf rallies his soldiers in front of the manor for another long boring speech

"My men,you stand here today to fi-oh screw it,GET OUT THERE AND FIGHT!"-Mr Wolf

Mr wolf turns to the player

"I trust you to defend the manor,my mercenary Jiagrom will assist you,now head in and fortify your position"-Mr Wolf

After entering the manor,spoon's army attacks

"Aw shit!"-Wolf soldier,over comm. unit."

Some of the army enters wolf manor

"OK grasshopper,lets do this."-Jiagrom


Defend The LobbyEdit

Quite simple,just whip out your best weapon,stay in cover,kill soldiers at a good pace,and then wait untill the next objective.

Defend the roofEdit

Great,Spoonfield Hell-Droppers are dropping to the roof,kill them,and finish the objective=,and trigger a custscene.

Kill NitpickerEdit

Not so easy,he has Nitpicker's Power Armor and Meryl's Desert-5,just keep running around,spamming shots untill he falls,triggering a cutscene where he falls from the wall,get ripped in two,then has his chest ripped open,but then billy mays turns up.

Kill Billy MaysEdit

He is quite tough,his weapons deal lotsa damage,and he has a nice DR,so,keep running around,grap Jiagrom's Coat if you need some more defense.Once billy falls,you'll trigger a cutscene where he gets crushed (and splattered all over the walls).Now,mission accomplished.

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