• Chaoswolf75

    The eleventy future

    August 6, 2009 by Chaoswolf75

    Seeing the capability we have,i have a new eleventy policy,any games can be given an eleventy touch-up,but they must have the following

    • At least two games in the series
    • A PC version or similiar
    • No regional lock.

    The upcoming eleventy games are:

    Mass effect: Eleventy

    Left 4 dead eleventy

    and elder scrolls:XIIty

    ALso,i have a release date for fallout eleventy,it wil be released april 14th,2010.

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  • Chaoswolf75
    • Some new weapons need to be added.
    • The gore have been ramped up,image dead space and gears of war combined,thats how gory the mod is.
    • A new faction Stunning Death involves female ninja's.
    • The Burning Alien's will be hidden corpses containing an alien weapon.

    The location for them are.

    • NE Of spponfield manor,is a cave,The weapon is the Alien Atomizer.
    • SW of wolf manor,at the top of a high cliff,the weapon is the disintegrator
    • In the cave where you meet the dude during Initial Encounter,go to the lower are,the weapon is the drone-cannon.
    • In the new-bailey weapons lab,the holding chamber is the location,the weapon is the shock baton.
    • The final one,unlockable at the very deepest (and toughest) level of Bunker 118 contains the final one,the weapon is th…
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  • Chaoswolf75

    Mothership zeta

    August 3, 2009 by Chaoswolf75

    Downloaded it when it was released (I woke up in the early morning,where almost everyone was sleeping,went to finish up in PL,found out Mz was there)

    So....ask mea nything you want to know about it. (P.S,the alien power modules are suprisingly common,i got 52 from an alien wielding an atomizer.)

    First off.Alien power cells are scarce.But the new alien power modules and nice,and the Destabalizer weapon (Unique Disintegraotr) does 142 damage.Making sneak attack criticials deveastating.Apparently.

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  • Chaoswolf75

    Left 4 Dead

    August 1, 2009 by Chaoswolf75

    All hate messages to valve,funny left 4 dead things and grabbin' pills mems go here.

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  • Chaoswolf75

    Help needed.

    August 1, 2009 by Chaoswolf75

    As everyone ('cept spoon) knows,me 'n' my brother run a few new wikia's,but we need someone to watch over them while we work on the mod,take a look at the wikia's (list is on my user page) and you can put forward a request to be the assistant watcher and helper.

    Oh,and bay is a bureaucrat at the bayonetta wikia,because of the damn wikia lag.

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