Lucky for me it got delivered this morniong,and it is fucking brillaint,although it's weird that the beginning weapon,the sldeghammer is more usefull than a semi-automatic shotgun,but at least theres nano rifles,gutters (Pixe things that are like sledgehammers with longer reach)thermabolic rocket launcher and gauss rifles.But the highlight?The destruction,a firefight with a gauss rifle or other destructive weaponry has epic results, buildings and debris are torn apart as you fight thhe bastard EDF troops,who are a serious pain in the ass,after all,your one person,theres 108374589357 of them in the game,so your screwed without the use of the cover ssystem,or you can get 'em in a bulding,then blow it up,sticking a remote charge to a soldier then using him to ahnilate a high-security compound is awesomeness.

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