The Victory Road Metro is a location in Fallout Eleventy.

Description Edit

A part of the London metro system, this station has partially collapsed into a natural cave section of the geology. It now serves as the safehouse of The Dude, and is thus protected by several turrets, robots and forcefields.

Strategy Edit

Entrance:One can enter in two ways; by use of the nearby train tunnels, or by using the main entrance. While the tunnel is open, the main entrance is barred. One can blow away the barricades with 60 Explosives Skill.

Run-Down Tunnel: For some reason, the tunnel is riddled with trolls, so you need to fight your way through them. Near the service entrance to the station, a turret is situated behind a fake wall. A Badly Written Note will explain that the turret is partially defect; It can be deactivated by receiving a radio transmission. If you turn on GNRUK, the wall will be let down again, and you'll be free to enter the next area.

Engineer Section: Once you enter the door, your path through the hallway will be hindered by a forcefield, that can be easily turned off by shooting at the nearby generator. After this, a mine-riddled room and several other turrets will demand your attention. As you near the station, you will spot several trolls beating at some sort of machinery through a window.

Collapsed Station Leaving the Engineer Section, you will find what is left of the station: a ruined metro platform. At the left end of the platform, a reinforced gate will lead to The HQ, however this door will be locked until Initial Encounter.

Loot Edit

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