Vince Offer is a Fallout Eleventy character who appears during a random encounter.

Vince Offer
"You're going to love his nuts."






Himself, Shamwow

Tag Skills

Speech: 60
Barter: 90
Sneak: 60



Hit Points





Random, Near Spoonfield Manor


Shamwow Random Encounter


Scoundrel, Thief, Prostitute Beater

Random Encounter with Vince Edit

After completing the Spoonfield Main Quest, the main character may encounter Vince Offer while traveling through the UK. When the character meets Vince, he offers you a product called Shamwow, which he claims can absorb anything, even radiation. The player is forced to buy Shamwow, at the price of £100 for one piece.

Shamwow Edit

After buying the Shamwow, the player uses it to absorb the radiation on his body. However, the Shamwow doesn't work, and the player realizes that he has been ripped off.

Second Encounter with Vince Edit

After being ripped off by Vince, the player can find him a second time selling Shamwow near Spoonfield Manor. The player can approach Vince Offer and demand that Vince gives you back your money. Vince will refuse unless you pass a difficult speech check, forcing the player to kill him or leave him alone.

Another option is that the player can get Billy Mays to kill Vince, by saying that Vince is stealing his customers.

Loot Edit

Quotes Edit

"Hi, it's Vince with Shamwow. You'll be saying wow everytime you use this towel." -meeting the player for the first time

"Made in Germany. You know the germans make good stuff." -when asked about Shamwow

"You're gonna love my nuts." -when bartering with the player

"It's worthless. Forget about it." -when player demands his money back

"You order now, and I'll throw in a second beating absolutley free." -when fighting

"We can't do this all day." -when being strangled by Billy Mays.

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